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Beautifully Relaxed: 5 Tips to Improve Your Lounge and Sleepwear

Beautifully Relaxed: 5 Tips to Improve Your Lounge and Sleepwear

One of the most popular themes around lifestyle is often ways to hit the ground running with goal setting, fitness, self-care, and personal growth.  I am definitely a fan of all these lifestyle reform strategies. However, looking well kept is definitely apart of each of these topics.

I am finding ways to improve the weakest links in my wardrobe overall. I chopped away at winter ware but I could not overlook an area I wanted to equally improve- sleep and loungewear. Over the past few years on this journey of divorce recovery and self-investment, I decided that I want to be more “beautifully relaxed”.

Really! Who’s trying to put effort into being relaxed at home and trying to be cute? In fact, the point of being home is to not care about anything. Children have to be fed, trained and the house has to be tidy and clean. Right?

Regardless, I trashed my faded jammies, old socks and sweatpants turn jammies and set out to build a new sleepwear and lounge wardrobe. This transition has been affordable and it’s achievable at almost any price point.

Ideally, I want to be presentable to myself first. Putting thought into my loungewear has rounded out my wardrobe, affording me the same confidence as being well styled for work or activities outside of the home.   

With a reasonable budget as little as $25, you can change your sleep and loungewear significantly. Here are my top 5 tips to improve your lounge and sleepwear.

  1. Always match. This is really not my mojo, but for loungewear, I fall in line with the idea of matchy-matchy. Coordinating colors in your loungewear is a good thing. Looking like you grabbed a top from a 15-year-old jogging set and bottoms from a PJ set that you can still squeeze into is a lot less attractive than a new PJ set or a more thought out lounge ensemble.

  2. Make the investment. Loungewear is not something you need to repurchase more than once or twice a year depending on how they still fit. So this part of your wardrobe is likely your least expensive of all the others to purchase and maintain.

  3. Add accessories. Don’t forget the lounge accessories like slap caps (head scarf), slippers, and robes. They are just as important. That means you want to chuck that old night bonnet that no longer has any elastic band left but just sits on top of your head and gets lost under the covers once you roll over.  

  4. Shop off season: Once you do the big clean out and overhaul, to maintain your loungewear wardrobe, consider shopping for winter loungewear in the summer and spring wear in the fall and winter. That’s a good time to find high-quality items with clearance prices- Cha-ching $$$, ooh la, la.

  5. Shop department stores. Don’t dis discount department stores. Yeah, fancy is nice but I like to prioritize what part of my wardrobe I need to invest in. If looking super posh when going to bed is not a high priority for your budget, head to Walmart or the clearance section of your favorite department store and follow the guidelines above when choosing. I am all about sales and clearances. I did my first round of sleepwear overhaul at Walmart for less than 50 bucks this fall. And later added to them with pieces from Target and Gap.

So here’s the challenge. Let’s tighten up the slack in all areas of our lives that will ultimately have a negative impact in the short or long term. Don’t allow any loopholes for defeat and self-sabotage. And always remember to keep moving forward. Small steps toward your goals every day are significant.

There’s nothing like you stopping by. Thank YOU!  XOXO

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