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A Valentine Ice Cream Date

A Valentine Ice Cream Date

Out of all the fun stuff I have planned for Valentines Day, It would not be complete without special time with my mini me. She is always looking for a reason to party and do fun.

She is ecstatic knowing that V’day is her ticket to enjoying special sweet treats and of course thoughtful gifts. She keeps me with an updated and growing “wants” list so I never have a reason to guess what she likes.

I try not to put all of my fun cards on the table at once. That way I have something interesting to share for celebrations like Valentines Day.

For Valentines Day this year, I decided to surprise her with a visit to Jeni’s Ice Cream. She requested a Jeni’s  treat a while back and relentlessly. She imagined their flavors had to be amazing with customers waiting in line out the door, even in winter for their freshly made waffle cones and creams.

Along with our visit to Jeni’s, I pulled out a couple of things from her list I randomly purchased and stashed away just for Valentines Day. I added chocolate tokens, a written note and sweet gift wrapping

More than anything I am very, very happy we don’t have to send candy to school for the entire class to exchange. I hated doing that at her old school when she was younger. I felt forced to buy candy or she would feel left out. Not to mention the candy she bought home that I would hide and she would find and then hide from me.

I want my daughter to feel valued despite her family experiencing a divorce where love  may seem tarnished. It’s important that she know she is dearly loved and admired. At the same time I like to share gifts at a pace where I can teach her how to be appreciative and gracious as she enjoys receiving.

As parents we are constantly correcting, training and disciplining our little ones. So I hope you can let loose a little and feel inspired to come up with fun kids Valentine activities. Children needs the assured above anything they are accepted and loved.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hanging out. XOXO!

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