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My Top 5 Must Have Winter Wardrobe Pieces for 2019

My Top 5 Must Have Winter Wardrobe Pieces for 2019

I am not your “I love the cold weather”  or “winter is my favorite season” type of girl.  But I do enjoy a change in weather from Georgia’s steamy summers. The cool weather also ushers in exciting seasonal bliss.

You may have heard me mention in my previous post how a winter wardrobe is a little more of a challenge for me. Mainly because I don’t always enjoy bundling up and spunky designs are not as easy to shop for.

Nevertheless, I have narrowed down my favorite 5 winter pieces  that keeps my winter wardrobe on point throughout the season.

So here are my top 5 winter Wardrobe pieces must haves for my winter wardrobe.

  1. Scarves: My absolute main MUST have wardrobe piece for winter are scarves. Big scarves, infinity scarves, colorful scarves, tube scarves are all my favorite. Scarves are elegant and truly timeless. You will definitely see me wear them year round but for winter it matters most in my wardrobe. Aside from being an essential fashion piece, scarves are helpful in keeping me healthy throughout winter. I feel that if my neck is covered and cozy, I can avoid getting sick. That theory has never failed. Staying healthy with all I have going on is right up there with needing water to live.

2. Bags: I like to use winter bags like clutches wallets and duffles to add color to my outfits for winter. I find that’s the easiest way to keep my color rhythm going when mute tones are expected.

3. Gloves: wearing gloves are more of a statement piece for my winter wardrobe. Now days they are no longer as fashionably common as they were a century ago. I’m talking about sleek, colorful selections in wool, leather or synthetic fibers that feels like a custom fit. Various color options are not always available every year so I try to stock up whenever I find them.

4. Rain-boots: Rain-boots were not a priority for my wardrobe until now. I always had my eye on them but found a reason not to invest in a good pair until lately.   They are the newest additions to my wardrobe and I am so glad I decided to go for it. Now I can’t imagine my life without them. It’s awesome not to have to wade through the snow and puddles in my pumps or non-water resistant shoes.  They can also be very all purpose throughout winter with dewy weather and transitions easily for spring showers.

5. Layering: Layering is the easiest way to accomplish that pile on cohesive winter chic you see in fashion magazines and on the runway. The key is to stack on more than one beautiful well designed piece of clothing with another. The emphases on BEAUTIFUL! Xoxo 😘 From undershirts to blazer over a button down sweater, layering keeps you warm of course but it can also be taken advantage of to style the perfect winter outfit.

With that Said:

Dressing during winter is not only about staying warm, but it’s also important to enjoy and live out your style even if it’s your least favorite season to dress for. These pieces will improve your winter wardrobe and help you enjoy your style as you  gleam with confidence putting your best look forward all winter long.  

You are the BEST + THANK YOU for stopping by and spending time here. XOXO!

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I also added more fun colors and styles for these must haves. Mix them up and trying layering with them.

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