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3 Budget Friendly, Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day if You Don't Have a Date

3 Budget Friendly, Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day if You Don't Have a Date

If you are divorced, single or do not have plans with a significant other this Valentines Day, there are still lots of love and XOXOs to share and enjoy. Here are my top Valentine Day fun to enjoy if you are divorced or celebrating without a boo.

Book your BFF for a day out: Having adult conversations and indulging in rich desserts is perfect for a little mental R&R. It’s easy to forget the power of friendship once you get married. Being a spouse and coparenting can easily consume you. It’s nice to step out for a few hours and invest in valuable friendships that helps you become a better individual to share with your family. If your BFF is married and likely unavailable on V Day, You can plan time together a day or two before.

  • Think of simple activities like dinner and a movie. Dinner could be street food and not necessarily a fancy meal. Again, EASY. Your life is complicated enough with day to day problem management.

  • Other activities could be bowling, of course SHOPPING, sip and paint, or even a workout class with smoothies and grown folks talk afterward.

  • If you just need to share the latest and greatest life updates, lapses in the park together can kill two birds with one stone; exercise and catching up. You will go home relaxed and ready to take on whatever comes. Not to mention the silent giggles the next few days as you reminisce all the real talk you enjoyed with one another.

Go on a date with your Mini Me

This is a good time to set the expectation for how your little one should expect to be treated when they become adults and of dating age.

  • I like to give my daughter simple gifts like body splashes, chocolates, desert out, or something she’s been casually pointing out in magazines.

  • I prefer the presentation and experience over purchasing high end gifts. I never want her to confuse love with only things. The value is in the celebration and expressions of love in action.You could surprise or plan, whatever works best for you lifestyle.

Do You Boo!

That’s right, go have fun solo. This has to be my favorite. Ya gotta love yourself to enjoy going out alone to have fun at least once in the year. Getting alone to think and not meet any demands from anyone else is very rewarding. It’s your day and you get to reign supreme. Loving yourself is not an option in order to be whole and happy. If you are not overflowing with love for yourself, you will likely scrape the bottom of the love barrel to give to others. Not to mention your confidence to maneuver and be successful in life will feel the hit. I don’t want you to minimize yourself in giving and receiving love because matter. SERIOUSLY!

Here are some easy ideas to do on valentine day alone

  • Get a massage. OMGGGG!!! I can feel it now. Yasss! A good massage and or facial for at least an hour. I would save up all year if I had to for this annual experience on My Valentine Day. Remember to drink lots and lots of water afterward. A good massage is on the level of a detox so you want to flush all that yuck out afterwards.

  • Arrange an overnight play date with grandma and binge on your favorite netflix flick. That’s right. Stay home alone and watch uninterrupted, non-animated drama for hours. In fact, order uber eats to add to the chill mood and simply enjoy!

  • Treat yourself to jewelry. Nice one right? From diamond studs to costume jewelry, be intentional about buying yourself a nice piece of jewelry. You set the value of the piece and no one else. The number of zero’s you pay is up to you. Thrift the piece or custom design it. Deciding to do something special just because you are you, matters and your confidence will soar because you thought you were enough.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative thoughts turning to celebrate Valentine's Day. You don’t have to feel down in the dumps because you are divorced, seperated or not in a relationship. This is a day set aside to celebrate Love, true Love, God’s Love, for you and those around you. No matter what your relationship status is, you have a heavenly Father who LOVES you. He has already decided your value despite any rejection from another imperfect person still figuring out their own worth. So get up, and take your life back and enjoy LOVE!.  Don’t sit around waiting for someone to give you value. When the person of your dreams show up, you will already know what love is and what you will and won’t accept. You will already be complete, happy and enjoying life.

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