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Four Tips to Keep Your Style Original and Stay Trendy

Four Tips to Keep Your Style Original and Stay Trendy

When someone thinks of you, they are likely to describe how you dress first. A description could go something like this in a conversation: “You know the girl who always wear the blazers and her hair up?” or “the guy who always has the coolest t-shirts and nice shoes”. Whatever effort you put into defining your style is what others will remember you by.  

Often times, I find that for some, it’s easy to either not put any effort into having a signature style and simply wear something to avoid being completely naked or they spend top dollar to keep up with every new fashion trends. Staying true to you and your style despite shifting fashion trends is where the challenge can lie. 

Although fashion trends set the speed of popular looks for the times we live in, your personal twists should always be included in your wardrobe for a unique touch on every trend you sport.

Here are 4 Tips to help you keep your style original and still be trendy

1.  Know what’s trending in fashion

Reading current magazines, watching popular films, or music videos that you enjoy, will highlight some of the newest fashion trends. Keeping an eye out for emerging trends can help you get inspired to keep your wardrobe current. In essences, don’t get trapped in the past with a decade old fashion trend by living under a rock. 

   2.  Determine which of the latest trends fits your personality, body type and lifestyle

Although a designer may showcase their best pieces for each season, choosing what works best for you and your lifestyle is key. A busy mom may not enjoy or value what a 21-year-old college student values for wardrobe. Our day to day roles and responsibilities will help bring perspective to what trends work best. Which brings me to my next point.

3.  Never go with something popular but out of character for you 

This does not mean be boring and blah, but know what fits your day to day living. If you are leader in a traditional corporate position, distressed jeans, although trending, won’t work for business trips visiting clients.  Keep lifestyle in perspective.

4.   Add signature accessories and unique paring to close the style gap  

This is my favorite step. Adding your personality to your wardrobe is vital to establish originality to your style. Simply wearing what’s current is nice but not enough if you want to stand out. Celebrities have a tendency to stand out which helps with their publicity and often ignites fashion trends. The Olson twins, Rihanna, and Beyoncé are the first that comes to mind when I think of having a unique style established by adding their unique twists. 

On a personal note, I have a knack for wood, and all things rustic and vintage. So I often pair something vintage with what’s trending for that me touch. 

In the look featured in this post, I added a rope to my distressed jeans instead of a belt. It turns the look up another notch and speak volumes about how comfortable I am stepping out of the trend box to include my personality.  

No matter what’s trending in fashion, you can always add the heart of you to any look and stay original in your personal style. Times will change, and trends will change, but you are the unique constant that will outlast shifting trends.

Enjoy Your Style!

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