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An Elegant Thanksgiving Table for Under $100

An Elegant Thanksgiving Table for Under $100

Prepping for Thanksgiving dinner is in full force here in the states. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday here celebrated every 4th Thursday in November. It’s been an official national holiday since 1863.

To say the least it’s the biggest family day of the year with the focus on expressing gratitude, feasting together and watching football.

Every dinner host wants to put forth their best efforts to entertain flawlessly. THe special china comes out. The latest new flatware and glassware is sought after and fresh linen is laid.

The tablescape in this post is simple but beautiful and cost under $100.


Food Coloring

adding colorful food to your table is an easy, inexpensive way to add style.


Shop Discount Stores

Trending home styles are now the standard in local department stores like Target.

Shopping List:

  1. Dinnerware- $5.99 each

  2. Flatware- $1.50 each (on sale now for 23.99 for 20 at Walmart)

  3. Napkins- $12.99 for a set of 4 (I shop outlets sales as well. I found these beautiful dinner napkins at Restoration Hardware Outlet. They are a rare find. However, I have linked a comparable option).

  4. Glasses- $0.00 Gather what I had in stock. Instead of putting out matching glassware, I though of what each guest prefers to drink and paired the appropriate glass for each guest.

  5. Flowers- $12:00 Grab an arrangement of flowers from the grocery store. I prefer to scout for wild grown flowers in near my home. However, that’s difficult in the winter.

  6. Bread + Fruit- $8.00.

  7. Table Props $6.00- Any seasonal figurines will do for this. Adding small props reiterating the celebration.

Even if you choose to use dinnerware you already have, you can complete change the look and feel of your dinner table with these simple tips.

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