Hello, my name is Felicia McCall.

I am a style blogger, image consultant and lifestyle coach and I'm so happy (bouncing in my seat) you stopped by.

From kitchen to closet, I share lifestyle inspiration and style tips to encourage, help you move you forward, heal and live well after a dramatic life change. No matter how far off happiness may seem, you can enjoy life and look good doing it.

A few years ago, I was a distraught,  divorced, and a newly single mom. Officially alone, with a young daughter, my world was awkward and I was often in a state of shook that my family had fallen apart. I had no idea how I would progress alone with a young child crying for her dad. I needed healing and restoration.

One step at at time, I began to see beyond my circumstances and grew stronger. What was meant to shame me started to push me forward. Most of all, I remembered that God made me valuable no matter what anyone else thought, and I could always ascend above any situation.

So I took charge of ME, dusted off my best pair of kicks, and chiseled away at a new life out of the surrounding rubble for me and my daughter.

Understand that taking the time to build new supporting relationships are critical. I hope I can be apart of your journey as you choose to conquer the fears of tomorrow and rebuild a happy whole life. 

So lets get acquainted. Feel free to email me, leave me any comments or feedback to better serve you as you choose to heal and really live.